the Ode.

Innocent, deficient, vanishing without a trace
Bloodied, bruised, shamefully battered face
Spit on, hated, throughout this place
Venom-filled, lying words laced

It’s not your blood being spilled
so what are you doing here?
It’s not your hands being stilled
but it’s your hands behind this.

GUILTY OF MURDER screamed throughout here
TREASON, TREASON yelled from here to there
Like a parachute without air

It’s not your blood being spilled
so what are you doing here?
It’s not your hands being stilled
Is this your hands behind this?

Heads bowed in reluctant respect
Acknowledging his last breath
Is there anything good left
For this place?

[A/N: I kind of had fun writing this. the lines in capitals I do picture being screamed, maybe Who-Will-Guard-the-Guardians-style. Look it up sometime. I love that song.]


The Lullaby

I HAVE AN EXCUSE! …Wordpress hasn’t worked for the past week. >.< It was horrible, but now I hast a miniscene for you guys. So yeah. This is… during the first day of Adrin & Kains’ at the Fortress.

twenty-third of may, two-kay-thirteen

Shay swore he nearly stopped breathing.

He hadn’t meant to overhear them, really. But this was a favorite spot of his – He’d been planning to come here anyway –

But Adrin was curled up to Kain and singing, like Shay used to do to her when she was little. When she was little and scared of thunderstorms and monsters under the bed and came to him for comfort.

Where had the time gone?

His sister’s singing voice was rough, that was true, as if she hadn’t used it in a long time, but it was her! He hummed the tune in his head as she sang, “…shall pass like a thunderstorm, pretty if you like the pain…” Here she hummed a few notes, but from his position he couldn’t see her expression, so imagined it screwed up tight, trying to recall the next few words.

He closed his eyes.

It was summer. He was about eleven, reckless and carefree… trying to wind down for the night when the door opened the tiniest crack and a four-year-old Adrin squeezed through it. He sat up and blinked hard as another unremitting crack of lightning illuminated the house; gave just enough light with just enough time for him to spot her, scared into a statue’s countenance.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed and rose, hand outstretched hesitantly, though encouragingly, as if welcoming but unsure of her reaction.

Like so many other times, she blinked and ran straight into his arms.

And he sung to her, gathering her up like the small child she was and carrying her to his small bed. Laid her down in it, all the while crooning softly the words the older Adrin was missing.

“Come here, let me hold you close – nothing to lose, everything to gain… Shh, this will all pass, just let it rain on your parade… Someday soon it will all be over…”

He turned and left the dock.



a typical Saturday night.

So, I was pretty hyper yesterday, and that did not stop as day became night. Especially in the dark, my best thinking time.

My sibs & I are allowed to stay up reading, playing on a DSi, whatnot, IN OUR ROOMS until ten p.m. I should probably mention that before I go any further.

I turned out the lights at ten-forty.



The result of trying to figure the age of my antagonist. It kind of snowballed.



Thanks to the wonderful Mirriam for the “Playlists & Pinboards” idea.

Fun to outline… and stuff.


Happy Mother’s Day, all.

Writing and Such

Hey, peeps. This time… I don’t think I can go much farther without adding something about my current project.

The Bull and the Queen is set in a fictional, sword-and-sorcery setting of which I do not have a name for yet. So we shall simply call it ‘the World’. It’s a world in which the government is in a state most aptly described as ‘chaotic order’. [without the sorcery, most likely.]

The government originally had a King and a Queen, with four stewards to attend to the country in their absence. The Queen always chooses their Successor, because in the older days females were thought to be more trustworthy than males, with better judgment, even though the Successor had to be male. A youth named Lyxar was chosen by her on one condition – dispose of the King. He was ruining her plans, trying to help the petty commoners. The Queen had forgotten that she herself used to be a low-ranking citizen. If he accepted, it would throw things out of balance – no King, just the Queen and her Successor. Lyxar had the chance of a lifetime, the chance that would change his life, but with a terrible consequence.

He agreed.

That was twenty-eight years ago.

This is where that term ‘ordered chaos’ comes in. The Queen has stepped down, now just ruling through Lyxar. The King has seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. There is a small rebel Fortress… somewhere, but it will be stamped out, just like all the others. Right?

My Leads’ names are Adrin Iselm Russell an Kain Rhiell Tiplet. One’s in slavery and the other ran away from home two years prior and is now a common thief, though with some of the values of a warrior. One was kidnapped, and the other abandoned.

I can never do anything simply, can I?

That… was the synopsis, without the writing in bold, of course. XD A lot of people I know are confused by this [for some reason!] though this is probably the most comprehensive summary so far. So if you have any questions, just ask in the comments! Thanks for reading this ramble. Later.