12 Reasons Why I Write

“Why do you love writing so much?”

  1. I didn’t know I needed a reason.
  2. It’s a creative outlet. Don’t you always say that those are healthy? Besides, drawing is not an option– oh, you want to know why that is? Well, who ever expressed themselves properly with stick figures?
  3. All my friends are doing it.
  4. Am I allowed to answer a question with a question? (Hope there aren’t consequences.)
  5. Blunt exaggeration of an event can be excused as ‘poetic license’.
  6. I can literally write whatever I want.
  7. If I write, I can talk to others about writing. You wouldn’t believe some of the conversations.
  8. The words on the tip of my tongue leak easily down to my fingertips.
  9. I can’t not write.
  10. Because of the challenge, the puzzle, of fitting words together to convey my meaning as clearly as possible.
  11. Words are magic, simple as that. They’re lines that have a whole set of symbols and rules and structure and they make you feel so much.
  12. The sheer possibility.
{ bubbling over with noisy tirades / pens express better than razor blades. }